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Elect People, not Parties

November 3, 2012

Election Day 2012 will be another defining moment in our national history, but an even more important moment on a state and local level.

Whatever your political convictions are, casting your votes for a particular party is, at best, a convenience and, at worst, a grave mistake.

Here in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, three candidates are running for our seat in the Maine House of Representatives. One has the Republican Party line, one has the Democratic line … and then there’s me. It’s the first time in our district’s history that there’s be a a candidate certified by the Maine Secretary of State to run as a Write-In candidate – without a political party endorsement.

Last week, our town held a Candidates’ Forum where each of us appeared on our local community television station to answer questions submitted from our neighbors. You can click here to see the unedited video from that night.

I’ve received a lot of comments from folks on the street this week. Many were surprised at what they saw. Some disappointed that there wasn’t more time for question. Everyone was pleased that they had to opportunity to see each of us delivering unrehearsed answers to unexpected questions.

It isn’t so much about winning and losing, the point is that the best voter is an informed voter, and reading campaign literature predigested by a political party is a poor way to decide who will represent you.

This weekend, most newspapers will be carrying profiles of the candidates running in your area. Read them before you vote.

It’s not about Parties … its about People.

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