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Voter Fraud: The little meteorite that wasn’t

March 22, 2011

I love action movies like “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” where rogue interstellar bodies threaten to destroy the world unless mankind can find a way to protect itself.

They are elevating because the danger is real (or seems to be once you suspend disbelief) and the good guys always win. They figure out how to stop the potential carnage just in time.The Sky Is Falling - Or Is It?

Recently I’ve been reading a lot in the news about another threat looming in the American political skies: Voter Fraud! Yup, that’s right. In nearly 30 states (including my home state of Maine) the alarm has been sounded and heroic politicians are introducing legislation designed to save us from Deep Impact and Armageddon, at least in a metaphoric sense.

The particular details of their proposed defense shields vary slightly, but they have one announced purpose: to save the American way of life. From requiring already properly registered voters to produce photographic government issued ID cards at the polling place or eliminating provisions which permit legitimate voters to register up to (and in some states including) election day, proponents offer a single burning reason for these extreme measures. We must stop the menace of rampant voter fraud. The chant is usually delivered with the fervor of Ben Affleck.

Sorry, I’m not buying that ticket. Life isn’t a movie and before we get involved in huge expenditures of taxpayer dollars or foreclose the unquestioned rights of American citizens to participate in the most vital democratic process there is, shouldn’t we check the telescope?

I bumped into a very smart lady named Tova Wang recently while on line examining the political skies. She’s something of an expert on voting in the United States. Tova put me on to several independent research pieces concerning voter fraud in American elections and a recent article on the subject reported from Ohio. [N.B Go ahead: click and read it if you think I’m making this up]

Every day the earth experiences a hit by a meteorite or two. Most are the size of a grain of sand. Is the risk they pose to our survival enough to justify the expense of a global defense system that may not work? Depends on who you ask, but here’s the difference: a system to defend the earth from destruction is honestly debated. Anti-voter fraud legislation, on the other hand, isn’t and it has a covert motivation: to disenfranchise legitimate voters from casting ballots.

“How?” you ask.

Guess which party is introducing these bills. If you guessed Republicans, you’re right.

Now, guess which groups are most likely to be shut out of the polling places if they pass. Give up? The research is clear. Young voters (especially college students), the elderly and the poor are the ones most likely to be turned away at the polls.

Finally, guess how citizens shut out of those elections are most likely to be politically aligned. Sure enough, Democratic.

As I said, this isn’t a movie. It’s a calculated political deception. The charade might be entertaining as theater, but we’re talking real life, real disenfranchisement and real harm to our political system if we buy a seat for this show.

Check it out yourself. Go to independent sources and see how often voter fraud has actually been proven to have impacted an election in your state or any other. The Republicans are wagering that you won’t.

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  1. cindy permalink
    March 22, 2011 3:34 pm

    How do you spell “e r i u d i t e” ?

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