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Mowing the lawn

June 28, 2009

I just finished mowing the lawn: front and back!

This may seem like a peculiar thing to be excited about, but (a) it’s rained for about 21 out of 28 days this month here in NY and (b) I’ve been so depressed about the economy, my career (commercial mortgage financing – LOL), the state of affairs in the Middle East and whether my kid is going to have to go to summer school that I’m a candidate for Bellview…seriously. That said, the lawns looked like … well, you know. So when the sun decided to showed up this morning after a long vacation, I motivated myself to hop on the tractor (actually, a small Sears garden variety mower) and cut the grass.

I was in heaven. Sitting astride 15 roaring horses and wielding command of a 48″ mower deck may not be as glamorous plowing 50 acres with a John Deere 6140D, but it works for me.

Suddenly, I was the the head groundskeeper at Yankee Stadium, running in dead straight tracks on the bias leaving a diamond-patterned infield all ready for the first pitch of the World Series. I was a champion rodeo rider, spinning my pony around at full tilt and  plucking a fallen branch off the grass without pausing for an instant. I was transported. The breeze blew grass clippings back in my face. The sun warmed my shoulders and small beads of sweat trickled down my brow and burned my eyes. It was great.

Now I’ve popped a cold beer and I’m sitting on the front porch admiring my artistry. Damn, it’s beautiful. I know that tomorrow I’ll have to go back to finding work, doing my part to advance democracy in the world and making sure my boy gets a good education. But whatever else happens, today the lawn looks great.

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  1. June 29, 2009 9:21 pm

    Thanks for making me smile. I can picture the perfection you created in the lawn.

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