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Gotta Have Some Sweet Music

May 14, 2009

I’ve had it with job hunting, fending off credit card calls and dealing with free floating anxiety so I’m puttin’  some great music on the stereo full blast and losing myself for an hour or so.

First I’ll do some Dion. Yeah, Dion DiMucci. You know: Dion and the Belmonts?

Well, if you aren’t a Streets of the Bronx aficionado, you may not know this, but Dion rocks, seriously. Today.

Take some time and grab his 2006 “Bronx in Blue” CD.

There are plenty of reviews to let you know what someone else thinks (Rolling Stone, New York Times, but for my part, I suggest you pop the $9.99 on iTunes and add this one to your iPod. It’s is really sweet. If you like it, follow up with “Son of Skip James” (2007) and “Heros” (2008)

Second up will be another great piece of plactic. A CD done years ago by a singer/song writer named Stephen Allen Davis entitled “The Light Pink Album.” For years, a college roomate and I were the only people who had it and you couldn’t find a copy anywhere. We ripped dozens for friends – not to avoid buy ’em, but they just weren’t around. Now Stephen’s music is on iTunes and Light Pink (along with newer stuff) is available there. Light Pink will haunt you … guaranteed.

Finally, I’ve got to do some deep breathing with Eva Cassidy. Hopefully you know her work. If not, there’s a huge hole in your gig bag. Eva passed a way more than ten years ago in a tragic battle with cancer. But before she left, a number of her coffee house sessions in and around DC were recorded. Chief among them, recordings from “Blues Alley.” Those recordings are a legacy of some of the most beautiful covers you will ever hear. Check out her performance of “Over the Rainbow”.

It’s been pretty hard recently to pick up each morning and dive back into the world. Good music has a way of easing the path. Place some sweet music on your life scales to balance harsh grumblings of a world in turmoil.

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  1. Riin Rio permalink
    June 19, 2009 12:15 am

    Eva Cassidy is magnificent. Transcendent. Holy. And you, Cris, are her prophet. Thank you.

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